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Let's not fly the plane!

Flight Free UK teams up with Disney for some lyrical fun

FlightFree UK
25 Apr 1 min read

After our attempted flashmob at Stansted Airport was thwarted (apparently they don't take kindly to singing in the airport terminal) we took to the far less lofty setting of Sarah's Back Garden and recorded the song anyway. Not quite as slick but just as silly!

With climate change happ'ning so fast,

You all might very well ask:

'Oh what can I do? There's no cure in sight!'

But have you ever thought of not taking that flight?


Let's not fly the plane up in the air again!

Let's not fly the plane or send it soaring

Up! It's so damaging!

Up! It's the darnedest thing!

Oh, let's not fly the plane.


When you send it flying up there

All it does is pollute the air,

With our climate so fragile we need to fight

With our endless desire to take all of these flights.


Let's not take that flight up to the highest height!

Let's not take that flight, just heed the warning,

Up goes the CO2!

Up, yes it's up to you

To say 'No!' to the flight!

Watch the video here:

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