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Flight Free for 2020: John Newson

We hear from our pledgers about why they've chosen to be #flightfree in 2020

FlightFree UK
12 Feb 2019 1 min read

Two hands with red nail polish are holding up the Flight Free Uk pledge. Sun is shining on the hands and there are blurred trees in the background.

Can you sum up what motivated you to sign the pledge?

I know that flying is the biggest single action that a person takes that contributes to changing the atmosphere. It is carbon emitted in the wrong place, in the atmosphere.

How long have you been aware of climate issues?

Since a Tornado hit my house in Birmingham in 2005

How often have you flown in the past?

Two long haul flights in my life. I promised the earth not to fly in 2005

Only around 50% of the UK population actually flies, but most of the flights we do take are for leisure. What do you think would be the most effective thing in reducing them?

Flights have to be rationed

How will being flight-free next year affect your life?

I will not promise to visit faraway places and confine myself to one continent, Europe, and most likely to these islands

Do you have any plans for holidays or travel?

Ireland by sea

Is it daunting or exciting to have taken the pledge?

It is confirming of my determination to take my responsibility to future seriously and act in accord with my understanding

What reaction do your friends and family have to you going flight free?

I do tell people quietly, without preaching too much

What might you do to influence others to go flight free in 2020?

Be an example and talk about journeys that do not involve flying

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