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Flight Free for 2020: Jusep Moreno

Read from some of our pledgers about why they've signed the #flightfree2020 pledge

FlightFree UK
23 Dec 2019 2 min read

Thank you for signing up to be Flight Free in 2020. Can you sum up what motivated you to sign the pledge?

I thought it was a great initiative to start a conversation and bring some action.

How long have you been aware of climate issues?

I have been aware of the seriousness of the climate emergency since the IPCC report said we had 12 years to avoid catastrophic consequences.

How often have you flown in the past?

I used to fly to a couple of places in Europe or North Africa per year, and I have been to Central America twice in the last five years.

Only around 50% of the UK population actually flies, but most of the flights we do take are for leisure. What do you think would be the most effective thing in reducing them?

I think many people now point at the train as the solution to the problem, and I agree with it. However, I think it is essential that train prices go down dramatically so that it makes more sense economically to use the train than flying. I also defend the idea that we need to protest and demand policy change - we don't want to be poor citizens making this efforts while the richest keep flying regularly. It's a matter of fairness.

How will being flight-free next year affect your life? Do you have any plans for holidays or travel?

It is tricky because I have family in Spain and Germany and I want to visit them. Luckily there are trains from London to Paris and then to the rest of Europe. It will be more expensive, but if the flight had had that price, I would have still bought it, so that tells me I can pay for the train. In general, it will change my life in the sense that now I will explore nearby countries and embrace the beauty of slow travel.

Is it daunting or exciting to have taken the pledge?

It is definitely exciting! I have never been through the Euro tunnel and I am looking forward to seeing how it is travelling around Europe by train.

What reaction do your friends and family have to you going flight free?

It is varied. Some people don't understand it initially, so it is a great chance to let them know about the climate emergency and different ways in which we can reduce our footprint. With people who are already aware, I try to lead by example and encourage them to do the same, or at least be considerate beforehand.

What might you do to influence others to go flight free in 2020?

I have shared my commitment on social media, and every time I talk about my trips or holidays, I make sure to explain it's not by plane and why.

Thank you!

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