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One of the 100,000 questionnaire

Share your story about signing the flight free pledge with us

FlightFree UK
31 Jan 1 min read

Have you signed the flight free pledge? We'd love to hear from you! Simply answer the following questions and send them, along with a photo of yourself, to, and we will upload them to our blog. Even better if it's a photo of you holding the pledge card!

Thank you for signing up to be Flight Free in 2020. Can you sum up what motivated you to sign the pledge?

How long have you been aware of climate issues?

How often have you flown in the past?

Only around 50% of the UK population actually flies, but most of the flights we do take are for leisure. What do you think would be the most effective thing in reducing them?

How will being flight-free next year affect your life? Do you have any plans for holidays or travel?

Is it daunting or exciting to have taken the pledge?

What reaction do your friends and family have to you going flight free?

What might you do to influence others to go flight free in 2020?

Thank you!

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Help us reach 100,000! Make the pledge to be flight free in 2020.