About us

Our mission is to inform people of the climate impact of aviation and inspire them to travel by other means. We ask people to take a year off flying to reduce emissions and shift the norm away from aviation.

Flight Free UK began life in February 2019, inspired by the Swedish Flygfritt (flight free) movement. In our first year, over 6,800 people took the pledge in the UK, with over 26,000 people taking the pledge globally.

We are part of We Stay on the Ground, the international movement that is spreading the flight free message all over the world. We are also members of the Europe-based organisation Stay Grounded, which campaigns for a just transition away from aviation, and We Don't Have Time, a global social network pushing solutions to the climate crisis.

Flight Free UK became a registered charity in June 2022. Our charity number is 1199328.

The Team

Amy Morgan

Social Media

Amy is a BA Geography graduate based in Rotherham near Sheffield. After studying the climate crisis at university she felt compelled to make personal changes. Now, as a Flight Free UK intern, she hopes to use her knowledge and experience to support others in making sustainable choices too.

Anna Hughes


Anna has worked in the sustainable transport sector since 2008, mainly focussing on increasing cycling levels with children and families. A lifelong environmentalist, she made the decision to stop flying more than ten years ago and hopes the #FlightFree2022 campaign will inspire others to do the same.

Bertie Lloyd

Social Media

Bertie is a recent MSc Environmental Policy and Management graduate currently living in London. Having written his dissertation on the future of air travel sustainability, he is keen to use the experiences gained from this to help engage people with the environmental issues related to flying.

Emily Smith


Having studied a Geography BSc at university, Emily is aware of environmental issues and their consequences. Now living in Essex, she hopes to use her skills and knowledge from her degree to help educate and inspire others to work towards a more sustainable future.

Evie Vouillemin


Having previously been a producer on the Up&Coming podcast, Evie now brings her skills and experience to hosting and producing the Flight Free Podcast. Evie also works for the Energy Savings Trust, and her passion for low-carbon transport shines through.

Gemma Pike

Graphics and Design

Gemma has always been passionate about the environment and reducing her carbon footprint. She has in the past volunteered with the Eastern Region Green Party and is active at her workplace trying to embed sustainability. Gemma is passionate about the Flight Free UK campaign and helps us spread the word by developing our infographics.

Izzy Collin


After graduating with a Zoology BSc, Izzy is now pursuing a career in natural history filmmaking to bring the wonders of the world to our screens. She hopes to promote alternatives to flying in the film industry and inspire everyone to make even the smallest changes to help protect our planet.

Lou Millington


Based in Liverpool and working in the arts industry, Lou is passionate about storytelling, and how this can be used to raise awareness of environmental issues. Her acting and presenting skills are put to great use on our podcast team.

Maggie Robertson


Now based in Bristol with her family, Maggie has had many managerial roles at universities all over the UK. Her excellent writing skills, together with her passion for environmental issues, climate change communication and carbon footprinting, are put to good use as content generator for the blog.

Sophie Davison

Social Media

Based near Leeds, Sophie is an MSc Psychology graduate, with a particular interest in behaviour change. Running a vintage clothing shop inspired her to help others make sustainable changes. She hopes to use her knowledge of behaviour change and social media to engage people in the #FlightFree2022 campaign.

Sunita Soundur

Social Media

Engaged with many environmental and social justice issues, Sunita frequently writes about sustainable living and is committed to developing conversations on climate change and responsible consumerism. Her excellent communication skills and creativity are put to good use as she heads up the social media team.

Advisory Group

Jamie Andrews

Co-founder, Loco2

Jamie co-founded rail technology startup Loco2 with his sister Kate, which became a very successful company enabling people to book low-carbon travel across Europe. He’s now involved with various low-carbon projects including Riding Sunbeams, which connects solar power directly to rail networks.

Daniel Elkan

Founder, SnowCarbon

Daniel is a freelance journalist writing ski, science, health and environmental features. He founded snowcarbon.co.uk to enable people to travel to ski resorts by train.

Natalie Fee

Founder, City to Sea

Natalie is an award-winning environmentalist, author, speaker and founder of City to Sea, a UK-based campaign to stop plastic pollution at source.

Cait Hewitt

Deputy Director, AEF

Cait has expertise in climate change, noise and air quality issues, particularly in relation to airport expansion and ​airspace change policy. Her dissertation for her M.A. in environmental philosophy focussed on the social justice implications of climate change.

Tim Johnson

Director, AEF

Tim has over 30 years experience in the aviation and environment field and holds a degree in geography and transport planning. Tim chairs ICAO’s carbon calculator task force and previously co-led tasks related to the development of CORSIA, ICAO’s offsetting mechanism for international aviation.

Maja Rosén

Founder, We Stay on the Ground

Maja started the Flygfritt 2019 campaign in Sweden, asking 100,000 Swedes to take a flight free year. This led to the international Flight Free movement, which is active in several different countries around the world.

Max Wakefield

Director of Campaigns, Possible

An expert in energy, Max is director of campaigns at climate charity Possible (formerly 10:10) and co-director of Demand Energy Equality.


Our funding comes from various charitable trusts, transport campaign groups and generous individuals. We run an annual fundraising campaign for our supporters. To find out about making a regular donation to Flight Free UK, please get in touch.

Benefactors include David MacKellar, Woodlands TV, the Marmot Charitable Trust and the Foundation for Integrated Transport.

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