About us

Flight Free UK began life in February 2019, inspired by the Swedish Flygfritt campaign that persuaded 14,500 Swedes not to fly in 2019. We run the #FlightFree2020 campaign which asks 100,000 people to pledge to stay grounded for a year in order to reduce their carbon footprint, re-discover the joys of overland travel, and start to shift the social norm away from aviation.

The Team

Anna Hughes


Anna has worked in the sustainable transport sector since 2008, mainly focussing on increasing cycling levels with children and families. A lifelong environmentalist, she made the decision to stop flying ten years ago and hopes the #flightfree2020 campaign will inspire others to do the same.

Faye Barcoe

North West coordinator

With a degree in wildlife conservation and ecology, Faye has a keen interest in the environment and environmental science. She has previously volunteered as a Student Ambassador and with the RSPCA in Manchester where she lives.

Joshua Barr

South East coordinator

For Josh, an adventure lover and gigging musician, the decision to go flight free means travelling by train which is an adventure in itself. He’s a keen member of Merton Friends of the Earth and is excited to get the flight-free campaign into the mainstream across the South East of England

Luke Rose

Sound and visual media

Studying for an MSc in Sustainability and Ecology at the Centre for Alternative Technology has given Luke a great insight into environmental issues. He is also a musician and brings his skills and experience in sound recording and editing to our media team.

Maria Ardley

Social media

Maria lives in San Sebastian in northern Spain, and stopped flying several years ago because of concern for the type of world her son would inherit. She now travels by train to see family and friends in Buckinghamshire, and manages our Facebook page.

Maggie Robertson


Now based in Bristol with her family, Maggie has had many managerial roles at universities all over the UK. Her excellent writing skills, together with her passion for environmental issues, climate change communication and carbon footprinting, are put to good use as content generator for the blog.

Pippi Durie


A keen traveller, Pippi recently made the connection between flights and her carbon footprint, and is now passionate about raising awareness of the impact of flying with others. She’s involved with her local Extinction Rebellion group and fits in Flight Free admin around her studies.

Rachel Eyles

Social media

With a degree in natural sciences and extensive experience of using social media as a force for good, London-based Rachel brings her knowledge and skills to our social media team.

Roger Roberts

Corporate Outreach

Roger has worked as Corporate Outreach Manager for two vegan charities and recently celebrated over three decades of veganism by cycling from Land’s End to John o’ Groats in just nine days. He is a passionate environmentalist and brings his expertise to our comms team.

Toby Usher

South West coordinator

A Bristol resident, Toby is well-placed to coordinate our South West activities. After working in the political sector he joined the Flight Free UK team because of a passion for environmental advocacy.

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The Flight Free 2020 pledge is an international campaign encouraging people to fly less. It is currently active in Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Canada, the USA and Australia.

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