General FAQs about flying

Why should we worry about flying?

The aviation industry only contributes 3% of global emissions so it can’t be that bad, can it?

Isn’t it those businessmen flying for work all the time who are responsible for most of the emissions?

What about green fuel and electric flights?

Isn't being vegan more effective than stopping flying?

Why do I have to change? Shouldn’t it be up to the government?

Does this mean I can't go on holiday?

So why is flying so cheap?

What about carbon offsetting?

The plane will take off anyway so there’s no point in me not flying

What about global tourism and the jobs involved with aviation?

Specific FAQs about the campaign

Why 100,000?

Why only for a year?

Why UK only?

Why aren't you focussing on the more polluting countries?

If I don’t live in the UK can I still show my support?

Can I set up my own campaign in my own country?

I already don’t fly. Should I still sign up?

Can’t I just fly less?

Help us reach 100,000! Make the pledge to be flight free in 2020.