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Emily: re-evaluating travel

“I am re-evaluating my approach to travel – it doesn’t feel right to be able to travel so quickly and so cheaply.”

01 Sep 2021 1 min read

Image shows Emily, a young white woman, wearing a white top and holding a sign that says Flight Free for the Climate.

I enjoy travelling and immersing myself into different cultures and seeing the idyllic views.

Like for many other people, flying for me had just become the ‘default’ option to travel – it’s convenient, quick and cheap. Other options just didn’t seem possible or realistic in comparison.

I’m fully aware of the climate crisis and the environmental issues caused by aviation, but I never really gave a second thought to jumping on a plane to go on holiday – it just became the norm.

Society pushes us towards booking flights without thinking about the consequences.

I signed the pledge to commit to taking a conscious step back and re-evaluating my approach to travel. The climate crisis isn’t going away, so it needs to be treated as the global health emergency it is. Staying grounded is a simple lifestyle change that can actually benefit.

On reflection, it doesn’t feel right to be able to travel so quickly and so cheaply.

Ultimately, there is no such thing as a “cheap” flight – the hidden costs of our excessive consumption will eventually catch up with us.

Becoming flight free doesn’t mean I have to give up travelling. It’s given me a new perspective. I can become more mindful in terms of travel.

The journey can become part of the adventure and the whole experience can become more enriching.

Flight Free UK has made me think beyond just flights. Now I think about the bigger problems and all the little changes I can make to truly become more sustainable. I’m trying to move away from the norm, and hopefully this will help others reflect and alter their lifestyles to be more sustainable.